• Can I Withdrάwal of Cryptocurrency From Your BlocƙFi Wάllet at Any Time ?

    You may make a request for complete or partial withdrawal of cryptocurrency from your BlockFi Wallet at any time subject to withdrawal processing times depending on the mode of withdrawal. BlockFi may initiate the withdrawal process immediately when possible but may require up to seven (7) days after you submit the withdrawal request to process the withdrawal.


    Currently we offer one free crypto withdrawal per calendar month for each of the following cryptocurrencies:




    Stablecoins (GUSD, USDC, BUSD)




    All additional withdrawals made during the same calendar month, after the first free withdrawal, will be subject to a withdrawal fee. Please review our Fees page here for all current terms.


    Please follow the instructions below to initiate a withdrawal:


    Sign in to your BlockFi account

    Click on the “Wallet” tab

    Select the asset you wish to withdraw

    Click on the “Withdraw” button

    Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the wallet address/bank account for return

    Crypto withdrawals are subject to a security hold and processed the next business day after that hold clears. If the request is placed before 8PM EST (00:00 UTC), it will be processed the next business day. If the request is placed after 8PM EST (00:00 UTC), it will be processed in two business days. Withdrawals are processed between 12PM-8PM EST and are only processed on business days. Some withdrawals may also trigger additional verification, and if not completed promptly, will cause your withdrawal to be delayed.


    This security hold is in place to protect clients against fraudulent requests and also allows clients to cancel their request if the destination wallet is entered incorrectly. Additionally, it gives BlockFi time to review and ensure the assets are being returned to the correct individual and there is no fraudulent or suspicious activity.


    If you are withdrawing funds to a bank account, based on the withdrawal method, the timing of when you see the funds reflected in your account may vary. You can expect to see your funds in: 1 business day for wire withdrawals and 2-3 business days for bank transfers (ACH).


    Note: Funds transferred via Bank Transfer (ACH) cannot be withdrawn for the first 5 days from when the funds arrive in the account.